Jane Adams Print – Lampshades 25cm Table


Handmade lampshade using organic unbleached cotton half panama, which allows light to shine through the fabric. Standard fitting for any light. Please allow 2-3 weeks for dispatch as each lampshade is made to order.

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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 cm

Mackerel, Scottie, Siamese Head, Edge Cat Face, Hedgehog, Love Cats, Walking Geese, Bull Terrier, Sitting Siamese, B&W Cat Face, Prawn, Sitting Hare, ZigZag Sheep, Whale, Owl, Seal, Scottie 2, Black Lab, Jack Russel, Mottley Cat, Choughs, Leaping Hare, Persian Cat, Sideways Pigeon, Whippet, Penguin, Seagull, Vertical Mackerel, Stripey Cat, Cat in Basket, Bumble Cat, Whippet Head, Daschund, Cat and Fish, Terrier Head, Badger, Chicken, Many Mackerel, Scruff, Running Greyhound, Highland Cow 1, Highland Cow 2, Beltie, Border Collie, Unravelling Sheep, Many Seagulls, Blue Mackerel, Dolphins, Sideways Chough, Percy Asleep, Pencil Cat, Crouching Cat, Alert Cat


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