All the sparkly things…

Hey, Hi, Hello

How are you all?

Things are warming up down here with a spike of warm, sunny weather, just in time for half term! I’ve even seen people swimming, they’re either brave or mad…

This week, it’s all about those sparkly, gorgeous, precious things – our jewellery…

We stock several types of jewellery, so you are bound to find something that makes you go I MUST BUY THAT!

From the chunky natural stone necklaces to refined, gold, dainty earrings and wood and acrylic studs, something for everyone to love…

Most of our jewellery is locally made in St Just, but some does come from the lovely Edinburgh. All pieces are handmade in the UK however so you know it is always going to be of high quality.

So who do we have?

Well, we have St Just Artisan Jewellery, who creates one of a kind necklaces using unpolished, chunky, semi precious stones. Her style is to keep her materials as natural as possible, inspired by the unpolished and natural landscape of St Just and the Penwith area.

Not only does she use the stones for necklaces, she also uses them for small stylish hoops. I own about 10 pairs myself, which go perfectly with any outfit or suit any occasion.

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If small isn’t your thing, then why not try some enamelled copper earrings? These lightweight earrings are big and bright, and come in a wide range of colours. Also, due to the enamelling technique, no 2 earrings or pairs will be exactly the same, giving them a uniqueness which makes them beautiful.

Along with everything else, she also makes hand cast tin pendants and rings, semi-precious stone pendants and silver rings, leaving the silver brushed to create a matte finish.

jane adams, st just artisan jewellery, market place gallery, st ives, cornwall, handmade, pendants. tin, rings, silver


Carrying on in St Just, we have Deer and Shine Jewellery. This sleek design and mixture of materials, both gold and brass, creates beautifully delicate pieces that will make you say “I WANT ONE”. Her geometric designs are simple yet perfectly balanced. Each piece is lovingly designed and crafted in Abi’s shed in St Just, just a perfect working space!

Her gold cascade earrings are a favourite of mine, the way the fall and move with you just creates a beautiful piece of art for your ear, and with a matching necklace in brass, how can you go wrong?

The Druzy necklaces are also very hard to resist, with crystal druzys and a gold casting. The light is able to penetrate through the necklace creating its own aura around your neck.



Twiggd is a wonderful one woman company from Edinburgh. She uses laser cut wood and acrylic to create her brightly coloured, fun jewellery. Her design inspiration comes from her love of colour, geometric shapes, living by the sea and Scotland’s landscape. Each piece is designed and made by Tara in Edinburgh, where even her two cats have colourful laser cut accessories.

Favourites of mine are her beautiful and bright stud earrings. No matter how small, you can always find a way to bring colour into your life!

Twiggd will be available from the end of February.


Daniel Cole’s bright and colourful prints are brightening up the gallery as winter draws to a close, and you can see why!

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